Floating Stones

Floating Stones

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These naturally occurring volcanic stones (pumice) are formed when volcanic lava mixes with water and solidifies. When lava solidifies, gas bubbles contained in it are trapped in the rock. A pumice stone is formed! Because of these gas bubbles, the stones are very light and they float on water. It is said that ancient Mayans used these volcanic stones for construction purposes. These natural stones found in the volcanic areas of Guatemala are a great home decor idea. Float these stones in beautiful water pots and bowls, in your garden, or in your aquariums. Amaze your friends with your own Floating Stones!

  • Each Bag contains 5 - 7 stones measuring approximately 2” high x 3” in diameter (exact number of stones per bag depends on their sizes; when smaller stones there are more stones per bag, larger stones then less stones.)

Fair Trade imported from Guatemala.

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