About Us!

What could one person, one middle age man to be exact, do to make a difference in the world? In society we often say that we are going to make a difference in the world but do we really? During crisis situations we are all on board but after awhile, we tend to "forget" about the survivors while going back to our daily routines. These individuals are still struggling every single day just to survive the basic human needs; running water, food, a safe place to live all while trying to find work. 

B&H General Store is committed to help different causes from around the world and right here in the states. As of right now we have goods from 9 countries supporting their causes from poverty, human empowerment, good working conditions while making a fair wage, human trafficking and addictions. 

Buy purchasing our goods you not only receive great products, you are helping others in need. Buy good, feel good.

Remember, I am just one person, trying to make a difference in the world.