Ronn, The Head Guy!

Ronn is the owner of B&H General Store, LLC,. After more than two decades of helping people in various capacities, Ronn decided to start a new adventure, assisting people throughout the world. His parents taught him two important rules over the course of his childhood, to "work hard" and to "help others."

Over the years, Ronn has worked in the human services field, helping children, adolescents, and adults with various physical and mental disabilities. While working full-time, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business and a Master of Arts in Human Relations, respectfully. 

Currently, Ronn is a Psychology Professor at a local community college and enjoys working with his students to enrich their lives. He was voted "Favorite Professor" in 2017 by the students at the college.

Ronn enjoys supporting people whether it is his neighbors, colleagues or family members, he is always willing to give back. One of Ronn's philanthropic endeavors consisted of collecting over 700 pairs of pajamas for domestic violence shelters and becoming the volunteer of the year for that organization. 

When Ronn is not in the classroom, he enjoys gardening, making various crafts and just sitting back relaxing watching his favorite television shows with Henry.