Meet Bill and Helen

Throughout their lives, this couple has done remarkable work, helping others when often they themselves were in need. Bill would go to work, leaving the house in the early morning and returning home to take care of various projects around the homestead. During the day, Helen managed the household duties while owning an in-home daycare. Money was always tight, balancing the usual family bills plus providing the basic necessities for their six children often caused additional stress on the family. Their selflessness and dedication to helping others have left an indelible mark on their community and beyond.

Bill and Helen were married for 62 years, until Helen's death on May 17, 2019.  Due to health needs, Helen was living in a nursing home while Bill continued to reside in a retirement village until his death on August 25, 2022. 

A Crafty Couple!

Both Bill and Helen have made things with their hands for years. Helen would spend hours sewing dresses, quilting blankets, along with other various sewing projects and most of the time she would not charge for her work. She taught Ronn how to sew one year; in which they made Christmas stockings for the entire family. Helen loved to make dresses for granddaughters and even made bridesmaid dresses for family weddings. Bill would spend hours in his "Wood Shop" making various furniture items, turning wood bowls and in the last 7 or 8 years of his life, he loved making small race cars for children.

Every week, at Helen's nursing home they would have "Craft Time." Bill would haul all of the wooden cars that he made and had the residents assist him with painting each of the race cars during their Craft Time. All the wooden toys were then carefully inspected by Bill to "meet his standards" and then given away to local children in need. Bill donated thousands of his wooden cars to Operation Shoebox (Good Samaritans Purse), the local sheriff's office and fire departments, various nonprofit organizations, and Native American Reservations. His wooden cars have reached as far as Asia and Africa changing the lives of thousands of children and showing that kindness still exists in this world.

Their Legacy!

Their children, inspired by their parents' example, have continued to embody the spirit of giving, perpetuating the legacy of compassion and philanthropy. B&H General Store, founded by Ronn, their youngest child, stands as a testament to helping others and creating a positive impact on the world. The store, specializing in fair trade and eco-friendly gifts, became a platform as a means to support artisans and craftspeople from around the world.  

What a legacy! Bill and Helen have made a difference in people's lives; helping to create a better world of peace and love.