Care Information BRANDED

Our raw materials at BRANDED range from base metals to precious and semi-precious metals. Almost all metals will patina or tarnish over time due to oxidation. Here are a few helpful hints to caring for your jewelry:

gold & gold-filled

Gold is not likely to tarnish, but buffing your gold pieces with a soft chamois cloth (or even an eyeglass-cleaning cloth) will keep your gold jewelry nice and shiny.

sterling silver

Sterling is one of the most tricky metals to keep nice and bright. It will inevitably need polishing at some point. You can use a silver polishing cloth or silver jewelry wash. If stubborn tarnishes remain, your piece may need an occasional professional cleaning. How you store sterling can also prevent fast tarnishing. Keep your silver in a cool, dry place; store in a fabric lined jewelry box; use fabric jewelry bags or even plastic zip-lock bags to keep it away from moisture and too much open air exposure.

copper, brass & nu gold

These three metals will patina quite beautifully over time. However, if you prefer them shiny, simply use an ultra fine brillo pad (#0000) to wipe away the tarnish. Or, you can soak them in a little lemon juice and sea salt and wipe them dry with a cotton ball. These metals can also turn your skin green if you sweat while wearing them. Helpful hint: take these metals off when you hit the gym!


Will not tarnish, but you can use an ultra fine brillo pad to even out nicks and scratches.

Note: It is best not to shower with any jewelry. Water will reduce the shine over time.