Dog Bandanas

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Your favorite dog will love wearing these stylish bandanas, which are hand-woven on traditional Guatemalan back strap looms. This loom is very basic, comprising two sticks or bars between which the warps are stretched. One bar is attached to a fixed object, such as a tree, and the other to the weaver usually by means of a strap around their back.

These fun bandanas are handmade by women artisans from the UPAVIM cooperative on the outskirts of Guatemala City. UPAVIM, which stands for United for a Better Life, is an 80 member artisan enterprise helping women through social and economic empowerment. In addition to training women in creating various handmade textiles, UPAVIM has established a school, a pharmacy and a bakery within their cooperative.

  • Small Measures 4-1/2” high x 6” wide
  • Medium Measures 6” high x 7-3/4” wide
  • Large Measures 9” high x 10” wide
  • Extra Large Measures 10-1/4” high x 11-1/2” wide
  • Available in blue tones and rainbow

Handmade in Guatemala and fair trade imported.

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