Prayer Flag Incense

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Our traditional Tibetan incense is made from hand-blended Himalayan Flora. Purify and recharge your sacred space! Each bundle is specially wrapped with a charming set of mini Tibetan Prayer Flags! Sold in sets of ten bundles. Each bundle is labeled using sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper. Each bundle consists of approximately 19 sticks, 5.5 inches long and clay incense burner (not pictured).

Frankincense blend has a warming and spicy balsam scent with a light lemony zing (red bundle).

Myrrh blend has a warm, sweet and nutty scent  with a clean finish (yellow bundle).

Nag Champa blend has a magnolia-like scent and is sweetened with a touch of honey (blue bundle).

Tibetan Spice blend has a woodsy spicy scent and includes Nutmeg, Canarium, Cardamom and Cloves (white bundle). 

Juniper blend incense has a fresh pine-resin scent with a light woodsy note (green bundle).

Made in Nepal

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